Spanish Indignants March to Brussels

As preparations for the October 15th rally in the UK get underway, the forces in Europe are gathering to converge at the same time.

Spanish activists, known as “the Indignants”, have set off from Madrid on a long march to Brussels.

Following a mass rally there, the Indignants are heading for the heart of Europe.

They say they are marching because they are fed up with the way the economic crisis is playing out in Europe, with spending cuts, job losses, and privatisations, while those they blame for the recession remain unaffected.

The aim is to link up with fellow indignants from across Europe for a mass rally in October.

The Madrid protest began on 15 May and spread to other Spanish cities as word got around via Facebook and Twitter.

Spain’s unemployment rate is the highest in the EU, at 21.3%. For the under-25s, it has risen to 44.6%.

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