Real Democracy Now – London

Rioting and looting around London this weekend. When young people have no stake in society, no facilities and no future this is what happens.

“A riot is the language of the unheard” – Martin Luther King.

We have to make efforts now to build a society based on shared responsibility in which every voice is heard. We’ll be organising assemblies in local and dissaffected areas of London now to build a peaceful movement for change.

It is becoming increasingly clear that governments worldwide do not represent people. Our present political system pretends to be democratic yet only serves selfish bankers and corporations and actually harms ordinary people.

We are ordinary Londoners of different nationalities, political persuasions, beliefs and backgrounds. However we are all concerned, troubled and angry about the political, economic, and social outlook in our society.

Inspired by the movements currently unfolding across the world – Spain, Greece, North Africa, the Middle East and beyond – we’re responding by creating people’s assemblies and events. Our aim is to build a grassroots movement that will progressively create a new, truly democratic system.

Real Democracy means government for the people by the people. Together we are powerful. Come and join us at the People’s Assembly on Sundays at 6pm – Trafalgar Square. Your voice counts.

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