ERT Workers’ Control and Management of the Media

The General Assembly of the workers of the Music Ensemble at Greece’s public broadcaster ERT, which was closed without warning by the government but which has since been occupied by the workers and run as Europe’s first worker-managed TV station (broadcasting via internet), has come to the following resolution:

1) ERT is to become a] self-run public radio-television station, open to the major problems of Greece’s tortured society.

2) ERT is to become a real democratic means of expression of the popular desire for Democracy and Freedom.

3) There should be an elected Board of Directors, revocable, voted directly by the Greek people. This Board will undertake the safekeeping of polyphony and pluralism on the basis of Democracy and National Independance, as mentioned in the 1730/87 establishment law of ERT S.A.

4) Reactivation of ASKE (Representative Assembly of Social Control), of the Supervisory Board which will control and oversee the Board of Directors of ERT.

Every Greek citizen should have access and an inalienable right to communicate his opinion, his problem to the public radio-television.

The Music Ensembles as always undertakes to elevate the feeling of the Greek people through art, tradition, the Greek character and culture which, throughout the political changeover, have been brutally hit by every sort of political mechanism which, in combination with the trash of private television, have ruined every value-based background of our society.

We will not allow them to abolish the Music Ensembles of ERT, an oasis of civilization, the last bastion of culture and intellectual uplift.

– The workers of the Music Ensemble

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Aftermath: The Nightmare Continues

The great missed opportunity to sort all of this out for ever occurred just last year  2011 in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Clearly the people had won the day, power was in their hands and easily graspable. Unfortunately most had a touching but misconcieved faith that the army was on their side, and handed the power “temporarily” over to them. Whether that was a result of bad leadership or no leadership we could argue all night, but in the absense of an informed understanding of the history of such revolutions,  that tragic missed opportunity happened again. Better guided, the spontaneous uprising that became known as ‘arab’ spring would have continued through and made permanent the victory of a genuine international revolution spreading throughout the middle east and far beyond. This would have led to the configuration of a voluntary cooperative federation of post revolutionary states, including both  Israel and Palestine, in a position to thrive at once seperately and together in peaceful plenty. Instead we have the nightmare that continues.

So just maybe next time, when the martyrs are lying around dead in the streets and the downtrodden have come out to make the biggest sacrifices to ensure victory at all costs, how about NOT handing power straight back over to the old order again?

We live in hope.

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Global Spring Called – #GlobalSpring

Fellow humans,
People from the Indignados and Occupy movements from across the world call for a Global Spring, beginning this May.
1st May, 12th May,15th May and the G8/NATO summits in Chicago from May 19th- 21st, will grab the world’s attention and escalate the global movement for economic and social justice.  We invite you to join us in our fight for freedom, equality, peace, justice and real democracy across the world by joining the Global Spring.
We exist not simply to protest our indigence but to work together to build alternatives. We will not merely demonstrate to demand change from those who rule us but will pursue the creation of our own alternatives that promote justice, peace and sustainability.
We are committed to a system of inclusive participatory democracy so we call on all organizations, movements and individuals interested in participating to join the planning and coordination of the Global Spring.
Our principal method of organisation is the regular international voice conference we hold. To access information regarding these meetings please see:
We invite you to join us in pursuing alternatives to create a fair and free world and we ask you to spread this invitation.
In love and solidarity.
Next meeting : Saturday 11/02/12 on Mumble
20:00 (GMT+1)
11:00 (UTC-8) West Coast of USA
12:00 (UTC-7 MST, Arizona…)
13:00 (UTC-6 Chicago,Texas)
14:00 (UTC-5 New York/DC)
16:00 (UTC-6 East Coast of Brazil)
19:00 (UTC+0 Canarias and UK)
20:00 (UTC+1 Europe)
23:00 (UTC+3 Western Africa)
(Note that the server is liable to change, check link to see information for upcoming meetings)
Room: Round Table
Label: occupii
Address/Server: – [this is the mumble server]
Port: 64738
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Mic Check for November 30th Strike – Occupy London

Occupy London Mic Check for November 30th Strike

Liverpool Street Station London, November 28th 2011

Mic Check

This Wednesday 3 million workers wil strike. Workplaces wil close, schools will shut, and transport will halt.

This strike is a message

We won’t pay for the Banks’ crisis.

This is the largest strike in 75 years

People are standing together to fight together.

We have been sold a lie.

The banks got bailed out, the people  got sold out.

We support every striker, every family in every city, in every town

to defend against these cuts.

Our libraries did not crash the economy

Our teachers did not gamble with derivatives.

The unemployed did not demand bonuses

If we act together we can reclaim society for the benefit of the people

On Wednesday, join the strikers, support the pickets.

Shut down the City, shut down the country.

We have the power

We are the 99%

Join the General Strike, November 30th

Meet Occupy at Liverpool Street Station 7am






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Occupy London UBS

Occupy London group have taken over a building owned by Swiss bank UBS.

Occupy London UBS

Bank of Ideas

Activists are hoping to make a legal claim on the building, under the UK’s squatter’s rights law, and plan to open a “bank of ideas”.

The building at Crown Place is owned by UBS but not occupied by them.


Occupy London UBS – a disused UBS Bank building in the city of London is occupied by Occupy London protestors


Activists from Occupy made ‘legal claim’ to the property by gaining access to the building and securing it, saying that it was only right that this kind of action is taken against banks who leave premises empty.
Occupy London supporter Jack Holburn said: ‘Whilst over 9,000 families were kicked out of their homes in the last three months for failing to keep up mortgage payments – mostly due to the recession caused by the banks – UBS and other financial giants are sitting on massive abandoned properties.
‘As banks repossess families’ homes, empty bank property needs to be repossessed by the public.’
Occupy has vowed that the east London building will re-open on Saturday morning as a ‘Bank of Ideas’, which will ‘trade in creativity rather than cash’.
‘We will also make space available for those that have lost their nurseries, community centres and youth clubs to savage government spending cuts,’ added Sarah Layler of Occupy London.
Events already lined up for the space include talks from Palestinian activists, comedy from Josie Long and a seminar led by controversial trader Alessio Rastani, who recently claimed in a television interview that he goes to bed dreaming of another recession.

Occupy London group have taken over a building owned by Swiss bank UBS.

The activists are hoping to make a legal claim on the building, presumably under the UK’s squatter’s rights law, and plan to open a “bank of ideas” there.
The building at Crown Place is owned by UBS but not occupied by them.

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Occupy London One Month Briefing

Tomorrow (Tuesday) 15th November, Occupy London will be one month old!

You are invited to an informal briefing where Occupy London will give an update on what has been happening over the past month and our plans going forward.

There will be contributions from working groups and an opportunity for one to one interviews. You will also get the chance to hear details of our anniversary plans.

When: 10am Tuesday 15th November
Where: Tent City University, Occupy London Stock Exchange site at St Paul’s

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Occupy London initial statement from #OccupyLSX

#OccupyLSX initial statement

Posted on October 16, 2011 by occupylsx

At today’s assembly on the steps of St Paul’s, #occupylsx agreed the initial statement below. Please note, it’s a draft statement at this stage and it will always be a work in progress.

1 The current system is unsustainable. It is undemocratic and unjust. We need alternatives; this is where we work towards them.

2 We are of all ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, generations, sexualities dis/abilities and faiths. We stand together with occupations all over the world.

3 We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis.

4 We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. We demand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.

5 We want regulators to be genuinely independent of the industries they regulate.

6 We support the strike on the 30th November and the student action on the 9th November, and actions to defend our health services, welfare, education and employment and to stop wars and arms dealing.

7 We want structural change towards authentic global equality. The world’s resources must go towards caring for people and the planet, not the military, corporate profits or the rich.

8 We stand in solidarity with the global oppressed and we call for an end to the actions of our government and others in causing this oppression.

9 This is what democracy looks like. Come and join us!

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Another PR from Anonymous re October 15th

Following the post last week about more groups backing the October 15th UK demonstration in London, here’s another Press Release purportedly from the group “Anonymous” calling for a peaceful demonstration in Parliament Square.

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Anonymous Backs October 15th Legal Demonstration

Yet more UK groups are falling behind the October 15th day of peaceful protest in the UK including the hacker group “Anonymous” who posted the following press release on pastebin on August 13th.

Citizens of Britain,

The riots that we have witnessed over the last week, whilst violent and misguided, are a product of decades of neglect inflicted on your country by various governments. We do not condone mindless thuggery, but that does not stop us from seeing the reality behind it.

Your politicians and the media do their best to avoid seeing that reality. They would rather manipulate public anger in order to cloud judgment and create division. They will use these riots as an excuse to withdraw civic freedoms, increase draconian police powers, and discourage legitimate protest. By placing their emphasis on mindless criminality, your politicians mask the extent to which a significant section of society is stuck in an impoverished way of life with little hope for the future.

Anonymous senses your displeasure and witnesses the iron fist of the state being used more and more often to put down dissent before it begins. We note also the ever increasing tide of propaganda issued to justify these repressive acts. The law is no longer the protector of the citizens but the protector of a wealthy few from the many, who have very little. Justice has become yet another commodity that only the wealthy can afford.

We sympathise with the anger that seethes under the facade of your country’s diplomatic image. It is time to take a stand and realise that solutions will not be found in today’s corrupt political landscape. You should seize this opportunity to rally for freedom. Anonymous stands with you in this struggle and will fight alongside you in the battle for permanent change. Let your enemies stand forewarned.

Saturday October 15th 2011 will be your opportunity for rebellion. We call on Britain to unite and organise peacefully. Unions, anti-cuts groups, community organisations, students, activists, citizens: you know your political system is not fit for purpose. Rally your supporters and stand together in holding mass protests in your major cities. Together you can send a powerful message to your government: you are the people of Britain and your voice WILL be heard.

Yours sincerely,
Operation Britain

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

OpBritain IRC channel
OpBritain Twitter accounts!/AnonActionUK!/Op_Britain!/GroupAnon

As reported by Alastair Stevenson

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